The Anniversary of Fatima


June 2016

It’s amazing how fast time  passes us by. It’s been five years since I wrote a Blog  about Fatima. That remarkable supernatural event that took place in 1917. Well,fast foward 100 years to next year to April 2017,and it will be  one century and the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

It has long been argued that although the comfirmed two secrets of the Virgin Mary that were revealed to the three shepperd children: Lucia,Francisco and Jacinta have been realized through our modern history e.i. the first World War and the second World War which costed millions of lives altogether,were predicted accurately by the Blessed Mother.

And,yet there’s been recurring rumors and unsolved mysteries,and conspiracy theories about the so called the third secret of fatima .

And,according to the National Catholic Register,Pope Francis will be in Fatima for the upcoming 1o0th anniversary. The Pope who was deeply impressed by the statue of the Virgin Mary,which he received in 2013 in Saint Peter Square, said “just at look at the gaze of our Holy Mother and trust your problems to her”,”she looks at us as a concerned mother for our well being.”

Up to this date,there are many fully unanswered questions and explanations about the Third secret of Fatima,which the Holy See has stated through their website,that the late Pope John Paul ll gave his conclusive report about the third secret. The report even includes some copies of the “original manuscripts” left by siste Lucia,the only survivor to that date(she died in 1995) of the three seers. there are many out there who still think the whole truth of the “third part of the mistery” has not been truly revealed,and probably edited by the Vatican to hide the real “horror” of such revelation. We will see,if Heaven is satisfied by such explanation,or not…?

Mauricio Jordan  CelebNewspaper