Girls Gone Wild on College Campuses!


photo: courtesy of NY Daily News

American college women freshmen students have always have the bad reputation of been eager to hook-up for sex in their first year. All we need to remember is those wild Cancun,or Caribbean wild booze parties,where almost everything goes. These young women go on exploratory sexual vacations and become very willing participants on any exciting new ways to have sexual fun. It has become a ritual of passage to keep their diary pages filled with the many “conquests” they can boast during the college year.

According to the NY Daily News,many co-eds:”Forty percent reported hooking up during the first year of college, and less than one in five participants said that they hooked up each month. But 56 percent of the women said they had sex with a boyfriend or romantic partner during the year”.

A Brown University survey found that out of about 483 co-eds admitted to having hooked-up at least once during the first trimester,and a few more times(some many times!) with steady boyfriends during the full first year of college. Most of these young women admitted to be under the influence of alcohol,or a few other social drugs when they had sex. And many of them answered the survey willingly.
What the survey didn’t revealed is how many of these co-eds had unprotected sex,or if any unwanted pregnancies resulted from those sex encounters.
And,I wonder,how many Sexually transmitted Infections(STI) these girls were exposed to. I,also, wonder how many parents realize that their daughters,and sons, engage in risky sexual behavior every year in their colleges. While,nothing has changed since our own college days back in the 60s and 70s, where
even a few adventurous young female teachers participated in some sexual orgies fueled by booze, and other recreational drugs.
I recently bumped into one of these wild female teachers(Psychology 101),I’ll keep her identity private, and reminisce about those now embarrassing,but fun and wild,times we had. She even admitted she almost forgot (conveniently)about the time she even tried “double penetration”,and that maybe because it was rather “painful,but exciting”. She kind of scolded me for remembering those details. She’s now a respectable grandma and she better forget about those “irrational behaviors”. She told me to keep it a personal secret between us. i playfully mentioned the recent reports about such wild modern teachers as
the now infamous Debra Lafavre(for those who don’t know,Google it),who had orgies with her high school students. She blushed and said “today’s teachers are probably watching more porn” and “shame on them”.
So there you have it,I would like to invite college co-eds to share with me a little bit  of their most wild and crazy sexual experiences while in college. Maybe we can all learn that “hanky-panky” does happen in any college of the world.
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I Just launched Celeb Newspaper!

As if I didn’t have enough tasks already,I just added another one: Celeb Newspaper. But,before any of you readers wonder why I bother to get busier than I already am,I have to confess my love for journalism;in this case,online journalism.

I officially launched it last Monday,August 31,2009. I actually had this desire to launch my own newspaper online,or e-newspaper,since the days I used to experience the quiet,but satisfactory joy of seen my writing,or photos published. Since 1990,I have been struggling,as English had been my second language until recently,to get my writings and photos published,I didn’t care where. So I joined International Freelance Photographers Organization(IFPO)based in North Carolina,to try my luck both,as a photographer,and as a writer. My photos impressed Ms. Vonda Blackburn,the Editor of Today’s Photographer Magazine,And probably my humble writing in the letters to the editor that I submitted.

And that very first break,gave me the impetus that I needed to keep honing my photography and writing skills. My trusty Merriam Webster dictionary,and a pocket book The Elements of Style,by William Strunk and E.B.White,help me compose impressive pieces that seemed to influence newspaper editors in New York and CT  to keep feeding my dream to become a pro-journalist. I never studied journalism per se,but I took a few classes in English composition in High School and 2-year college.Therefore, I’m a basically self- taught journalist,but a graduated photographer.

The main goal for creating my own e-newspaper is to join the myriad environmentally conscious journalists and entrepreneurs actively contributing to save and preserve the natural resources that our current world depends on to survive. And my admiration for celebrities who contribute their part was another big factor. Since they are role models,relying on their social influence to motivate people to cooperate on this noble cause. I can look forward to grow my online publication to be a vehicle to allow celebrities to spread the improve the environment message  to the rest of the world.

Until next time,

Mauricio Jordan

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A Guitar Legend’s Final goodbye!

An Associated Press breaking news report just posted,tells of  a great loss for the music and entertainment industry.

contributed by Ap(Associated Press)

contributed by Ap(Associated Press)

Today is a sad day for the music world. Guitar inventor,and guitarist Les Paul passed away quietly in his White Plains,NY,hospital bed,at age 94,surrounded by surviving family,and friends.

One of the most famous guitar designs: Gibson,was inspired by his extra- ordinary vision and design skills.

I myself never thought of playing the guitar at all. In my Youth,I did a few stints at playing in a high school band,but never thought I had the natural talent,and gave it up. Just to pick the guitar again after watching Les Paul’s Trio videos on YouTube.

Thank You Les Paul for your historical instrumental contribution to rock ‘n ‘roll,which music would not be as rich and contagious if  it wasn’t for your inventions of the  solid-body electric guitar and multitrack recording. Now you can perform your beloved music to the angels above. Rest in Peace.


and watch video:

Mauricio Jordan

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Photography Product Review

Standard 36"x48"/with light diffuser!

Standard 36"x48"/with light diffuser!

Reviewed by: Mauricio Jordan

Westcott,a professional and amateur photography lighting provider,supplied me with their most basic,white interior,professional softbox. This is a portable,foldable unit with its own carry-on bag. I requested this basic model to show advanced,and beginning photographers,how easy it’s to set up a professional quality in studio,or outdoor lighting kit.

The Westcott Soft Box comes with a fabric shell with  a white  interior, an exterior diffuser panel, four support metal rods,a white cloth diffuser,with velcro strip, and a storage bag. The flaps in the back of the softbox are made of a flame-retardant material to withstand heat and have hook and loop tape tab closures. If overheating is a concern, the Box’s unique design allows heat to escape by opening the flaps in the back of the unit,very handy for those who use hot tungsten lights.

The advantage here is that by selecting a speed ring,and they supply many sizes and styles to fit your main lights,you could even  mount a shoe-mount flash,or a heavier strobe unit. I used my trusty Vivitar 285HV and it worked perfectly. As you can see on this photo of a model shot in my home-studio:

Photogrphed in studio with Wescott Softbox

Photographed in studio with Wescott Softbox

I am very pleased with the professional quality results I ,or any photographer on a budget,can achieve with this amazingly simple,but efficient Wescott foldable softboxes. I would recommend it to any one who wants to shoot in a quick set-up studio or outdoor setting.

For any more info about this Westcott foldable SoftBox,please contact Westcott:

Product Rating:5stars



We need each other

Suzy Chaeffer

Suzy Chaeffer

Celebrities  and photographers,sometimes have a love-hate relationship,especially if the photographer is  a paparazzi. But,they need each other,and in a way, they can’t live without each other.

Celebrities need photographers to promote them with their adoring fans,and photographers need celebrities to make a living. Consequently, they have to depend on each other to be in business. However,sometimes tensions arise due to the different approaches into this “love-affair”. Some paparazzi have developed a controversial way to increase their profits by capturing celebrities in “compromising positions”. by using the “shocking factor” strategy,paparazzi use extra-long tele-photo lenses to catch hot celebrities infraganti,and sell these photos to the highest paying tabloids that are eager to publish these compromising pictures to satisfy the public’s hunger for scandalous news.

However most celebrity photographers(including myself in this group)concentrate in creating beautiful photos of celebrities that end up published in the higher quality beauty,celebrity,and glamour magazines,and newspapers. Making the celebrity even more appealing and spectacular to the eyes of their respective fans. The fame of the celebrity depends on the quality of pictures taken and published by the celebrity photographer. Therefore,this mutually satisfying relationship continues on a never ending love affair for both.

Mauricio Jordan

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