A wonderful Father’s Day gift!

Father’s Day is just around the corner,have you thought about a lasting gift for him?

Unfortunately and sadly for me,my father died four years ago. I will have the best memories of him and his love for me and my brothers.My Mom still cries remembering the wonderful times she shared with him,and us.

I fill the void by suggesting other friends and relatives about some of the most memorable gifts for their fathers. One of  my most recent suggestions for a wonderful present is the movie The Way. It is an epic film,and a probable candidate for an Oscar,filmed in the beautiful and scenic  rural coast of  north west Spain.

This moving and inspiring story of the uncompromising love of a father for his son, who died during a freak storm while following the grueling historical world renown pilgrimage of the Way of Saint James the apostle. The father,Tom(played by Martin Sheen)goes to Spain to retrieve the body of his late son,and offers his own pilgrimage as a post- mortem eulogy for him.

During his painful but awe inspiring journey, he retraces his son’s steps and meets other pilgrims along the way and begins new and unexpected friendships.

The powerful and masterful directing by Emilio Estevez,the excellent performance of Martin Sheen,and the natural spectacular and breathtaking scenery of rural Spain combine to present the viewer with an unforgettable visual experience,which I almost guarantee will become one of your all-time favorite family movies.

One last advice,don’t forget to have handkerchief handy as you will most likely use it. When I mention this movie to my mother and  brothers and sisters-in-law, my phone doesn’t stop ringing to cajole me into setting up the next family reunion. And that’s why I recommend this finest of gifts.


Until next time,


Mauricio Jordan

Celeb Newspaper

Blog Editor




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