The Mystery of Fatima

Even though I am a professed Catholic,I seldom paid attention,or had any interest in any of the apparitions of The Virgin Mary through history. I don’t know,but maybe I have not been very religious,or like a lot of Catholics,I choose to believe the average practice of Catholicism.

Shame on me,because as I keep hearing about apparitions of Jesus,or the Virgin Mary,and miracles,I prefer to believe only what sounds logical to my understanding.

For those of you not familiar with the apparitions at Fatima,Portugal,here is a brief introduction.

At first,like many of you,I might feel tempted to dismiss it right away without reading the full story,and therefore,I would not use an educated criteria,where the reader is completely familiar with the topic,before passing judgement. I know many would automatically group The Fatima apparitions as just another false claim,like the many hoaxes that have appeared throughout history.

But,after delving into and comparing The Fatima story to the many other which have officially been approved and accepted by The Vatican,The center for The Catholic religion,I came to understand that the latter could be on pair with Guadalupe,Miraculous Medal,LaSalette, Lourdes,Pontmain,Beauraing,and,Banneaux,which according to Wikipedia,are a few of the 12 officially accepted Marian apparitions by the Vatican.

And as I keep reading and hearing more accounts about Fatima,I keep getting more convinced about the magnitude and the power of creating more converts to the messages which The Virgin Mary entrusted three innocent shepherd children in Portugal in 1917.

Many of the Marian apparitions have and will always be personal and private visions filled with supernatural connotations and effects that like the cases of Guadalupe and the still visible cloak which still  keeps scientists mystified,Lourdes,which produced a Saint, Bernardette de Subirous,and her still visible incorrupt body,and Fatima,probably the greatest apparition of the Twentieth Century,maybe because even scientists,Freemasons,atheists,and journalists,plus 70,000 people witnessed the amazing Miracle of the Sun which was promised by The Virgin Mary to Lucia Santos,the oldest of the three shepherd children.And the countless healings that occurred at these apparitions support the stance of The Catholic Church to accept them as true and worthy of full devotion.

Even after all these decades,since 1917, The Fatima apparition of The Virgin still causes amazement and wins converts,as many of the messages and predictions have been acknowledged by most medias and experts who have studied Fatima as the most accurate predictions during an apparition.

My Catholic Faith beliefs have been strengthened and have influenced me to augment and increase my religious practices and to regret my previous lukewarm approach to be identified as a Catholic.

I advice those who still do not believe in Fatima,to prove themselves right or wrong,and read as much as possible about this amazing historical apparition of The Virgin Mary. Then your decision to believe or not would be justified better. God Bless.

Mauricio Jordan

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