Another year going!

I woke up this morning,on one of my two days off work,with this probing question on my mind: where has this year 2010 gone so fast,or is it  just my personal perception?

But,just to eliminate doubts,I asked and randomly commented with co-workers and acquaintances at stores,about how fast this year is ending. Their reassuring replies of agreement were satisfactory to my almost anxious state of mind.

Maybe the reason I feel concerned about the running of time is that I seldom get personal projects finished as I used to do last year,maybe I am procrastinating more. But,on second thoughts,I deduct that it is because of the drastic changes I had to undergo under the bad economy we’re all experiencing.

I was excessed,due to personnel comprising, from my day-time job to a night shift job in the same company. So working from 10:00PM-6:30AM has imposed in my style of living new demands. I need to catch-up sleep during morning and early afternoon hours. Then,I only have three hours to do my chores and computer work before returning for a restoring nap at 5:00 PM.

So basically three-quarters of my productive day time is spent sleeping. No wonder time flies by and I get not only older quickly,but less productive. But,at least I feel grateful I still have a job to keep me busy and going.

I really feel sympathetic to those poor souls who lost their jobs due to the massive downsizing and what’s worse the maniac trend of outsourcing jobs overseas,with the excuse that saves companies from going out of business.

I was surprised that many of my fellow Americans decided to elect more Republicans into the House,even though most of them new that the GOP has mainly responsible for outsourcing their jobs! They blame President Obama only for the ills of the country and did’nt quite realize that without that massive financial rescue package, the country would have been in a much worse predicament. I wonder what the Obama haters would’ve done if he would’ve stay put and didn’t pass the package and the economy would’ve collapsed? Probably the blaming game would have been complete chaos.

Many still don’t want to accept the fact that Obama received the worst economic crisis in American history from the previous administration,and that in spite of well meaning promises of the President to rescue the economy in such a short time technically it’s almost impossible to do it without incurring in more debt.

Let’s face it,not even an economic wizard could have figured out a a solid way of recovering from such economical failure from Wall Street,and banks,and the automotive industry. And,to make matters worst,the tax-cuts that Bush passed before the end of his term,are not sustainable financial relief to millions of Americans,as those benefits will favor mainly the rich classes.

And moreover,the tax-cut,even if approved by Obama,will not prevent the GOP from outsourcing our much needed jobs! Now Republicans talk about creating jobs and not outsourcing them. Let’s see in the long run how true is that promise. No educated American will doubt that that tax-cut will mean borrowing money(more debt creation)from somewhere to pay for it. While,as cruel as it may sound,a moderate increase in taxes,mostly from the rich,will create more revenues to pay for any new expenses. These the principles of modern economics,there’s no magical wand that will stop the spending: judicial spending to create jobs and profits is the only solution. But, we will see what the future has in store for us.