I Just launched Celeb Newspaper!

As if I didn’t have enough tasks already,I just added another one: Celeb Newspaper. But,before any of you readers wonder why I bother to get busier than I already am,I have to confess my love for journalism;in this case,online journalism.

I officially launched it last Monday,August 31,2009. I actually had this desire to launch my own newspaper online,or e-newspaper,since the days I used to experience the quiet,but satisfactory joy of seen my writing,or photos published. Since 1990,I have been struggling,as English had been my second language until recently,to get my writings and photos published,I didn’t care where. So I joined International Freelance Photographers Organization(IFPO)based in North Carolina,to try my luck both,as a photographer,and as a writer. My photos impressed Ms. Vonda Blackburn,the Editor of Today’s Photographer Magazine,And probably my humble writing in the letters to the editor that I submitted.

And that very first break,gave me the impetus that I needed to keep honing my photography and writing skills. My trusty Merriam Webster dictionary,and a pocket book The Elements of Style,by William Strunk and E.B.White,help me compose impressive pieces that seemed to influence newspaper editors in New York and CT¬† to keep feeding my dream to become a pro-journalist. I never studied journalism per se,but I took a few classes in English composition in High School and 2-year college.Therefore, I’m a basically self- taught journalist,but a graduated photographer.

The main goal for creating my own e-newspaper is to join the myriad environmentally conscious journalists and entrepreneurs actively contributing to save and preserve the natural resources that our current world depends on to survive. And my admiration for celebrities who contribute their part was another big factor. Since they are role models,relying on their social influence to motivate people to cooperate on this noble cause. I can look forward to grow my online publication to be a vehicle to allow celebrities to spread the improve the environment message  to the rest of the world.

Until next time,

Mauricio Jordan

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