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The Anniversary of Fatima


June 2016

It’s amazing how fast time  passes us by. It’s been five years since I wrote a Blog  about Fatima. That remarkable supernatural event that took place in 1917. Well,fast foward 100 years to next year to April 2017,and it will be  one century and the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

It has long been argued that although the comfirmed two secrets of the Virgin Mary that were revealed to the three shepperd children: Lucia,Francisco and Jacinta have been realized through our modern history e.i. the first World War and the second World War which costed millions of lives altogether,were predicted accurately by the Blessed Mother.

And,yet there’s been recurring rumors and unsolved mysteries,and conspiracy theories about the so called the third secret of fatima .

And,according to the National Catholic Register,Pope Francis will be in Fatima for the upcoming 1o0th anniversary. The Pope who was deeply impressed by the statue of the Virgin Mary,which he received in 2013 in Saint Peter Square, said “just at look at the gaze of our Holy Mother and trust your problems to her”,”she looks at us as a concerned mother for our well being.”

Up to this date,there are many fully unanswered questions and explanations about the Third secret of Fatima,which the Holy See has stated through their website,that the late Pope John Paul ll gave his conclusive report about the third secret. The report even includes some copies of the “original manuscripts” left by siste Lucia,the only survivor to that date(she died in 1995) of the three seers. there are many out there who still think the whole truth of the “third part of the mistery” has not been truly revealed,and probably edited by the Vatican to hide the real “horror” of such revelation. We will see,if Heaven is satisfied by such explanation,or not…?

Mauricio Jordan  CelebNewspaper



A wonderful Father’s Day gift!

Father’s Day is just around the corner,have you thought about a lasting gift for him?

Unfortunately and sadly for me,my father died four years ago. I will have the best memories of him and his love for me and my brothers.My Mom still cries remembering the wonderful times she shared with him,and us.

I fill the void by suggesting other friends and relatives about some of the most memorable gifts for their fathers. One of  my most recent suggestions for a wonderful present is the movie The Way. It is an epic film,and a probable candidate for an Oscar,filmed in the beautiful and scenic  rural coast of  north west Spain.

This moving and inspiring story of the uncompromising love of a father for his son, who died during a freak storm while following the grueling historical world renown pilgrimage of the Way of Saint James the apostle. The father,Tom(played by Martin Sheen)goes to Spain to retrieve the body of his late son,and offers his own pilgrimage as a post- mortem eulogy for him.

During his painful but awe inspiring journey, he retraces his son’s steps and meets other pilgrims along the way and begins new and unexpected friendships.

The powerful and masterful directing by Emilio Estevez,the excellent performance of Martin Sheen,and the natural spectacular and breathtaking scenery of rural Spain combine to present the viewer with an unforgettable visual experience,which I almost guarantee will become one of your all-time favorite family movies.

One last advice,don’t forget to have handkerchief handy as you will most likely use it. When I mention this movie to my mother and  brothers and sisters-in-law, my phone doesn’t stop ringing to cajole me into setting up the next family reunion. And that’s why I recommend this finest of gifts.


Until next time,


Mauricio Jordan

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The Mystery of Fatima

Even though I am a professed Catholic,I seldom paid attention,or had any interest in any of the apparitions of The Virgin Mary through history. I don’t know,but maybe I have not been very religious,or like a lot of Catholics,I choose to believe the average practice of Catholicism.

Shame on me,because as I keep hearing about apparitions of Jesus,or the Virgin Mary,and miracles,I prefer to believe only what sounds logical to my understanding.

For those of you not familiar with the apparitions at Fatima,Portugal,here is a brief introduction.

At first,like many of you,I might feel tempted to dismiss it right away without reading the full story,and therefore,I would not use an educated criteria,where the reader is completely familiar with the topic,before passing judgement. I know many would automatically group The Fatima apparitions as just another false claim,like the many hoaxes that have appeared throughout history.

But,after delving into and comparing The Fatima story to the many other which have officially been approved and accepted by The Vatican,The center for The Catholic religion,I came to understand that the latter could be on pair with Guadalupe,Miraculous Medal,LaSalette, Lourdes,Pontmain,Beauraing,and,Banneaux,which according to Wikipedia,are a few of the 12 officially accepted Marian apparitions by the Vatican.

And as I keep reading and hearing more accounts about Fatima,I keep getting more convinced about the magnitude and the power of creating more converts to the messages which The Virgin Mary entrusted three innocent shepherd children in Portugal in 1917.

Many of the Marian apparitions have and will always be personal and private visions filled with supernatural connotations and effects that like the cases of Guadalupe and the still visible cloak which still  keeps scientists mystified,Lourdes,which produced a Saint, Bernardette de Subirous,and her still visible incorrupt body,and Fatima,probably the greatest apparition of the Twentieth Century,maybe because even scientists,Freemasons,atheists,and journalists,plus 70,000 people witnessed the amazing Miracle of the Sun which was promised by The Virgin Mary to Lucia Santos,the oldest of the three shepherd children.And the countless healings that occurred at these apparitions support the stance of The Catholic Church to accept them as true and worthy of full devotion.

Even after all these decades,since 1917, The Fatima apparition of The Virgin still causes amazement and wins converts,as many of the messages and predictions have been acknowledged by most medias and experts who have studied Fatima as the most accurate predictions during an apparition.

My Catholic Faith beliefs have been strengthened and have influenced me to augment and increase my religious practices and to regret my previous lukewarm approach to be identified as a Catholic.

I advice those who still do not believe in Fatima,to prove themselves right or wrong,and read as much as possible about this amazing historical apparition of The Virgin Mary. Then your decision to believe or not would be justified better. God Bless.

Mauricio Jordan

Another year going!

I woke up this morning,on one of my two days off work,with this probing question on my mind: where has this year 2010 gone so fast,or is it  just my personal perception?

But,just to eliminate doubts,I asked and randomly commented with co-workers and acquaintances at stores,about how fast this year is ending. Their reassuring replies of agreement were satisfactory to my almost anxious state of mind.

Maybe the reason I feel concerned about the running of time is that I seldom get personal projects finished as I used to do last year,maybe I am procrastinating more. But,on second thoughts,I deduct that it is because of the drastic changes I had to undergo under the bad economy we’re all experiencing.

I was excessed,due to personnel comprising, from my day-time job to a night shift job in the same company. So working from 10:00PM-6:30AM has imposed in my style of living new demands. I need to catch-up sleep during morning and early afternoon hours. Then,I only have three hours to do my chores and computer work before returning for a restoring nap at 5:00 PM.

So basically three-quarters of my productive day time is spent sleeping. No wonder time flies by and I get not only older quickly,but less productive. But,at least I feel grateful I still have a job to keep me busy and going.

I really feel sympathetic to those poor souls who lost their jobs due to the massive downsizing and what’s worse the maniac trend of outsourcing jobs overseas,with the excuse that saves companies from going out of business.

I was surprised that many of my fellow Americans decided to elect more Republicans into the House,even though most of them new that the GOP has mainly responsible for outsourcing their jobs! They blame President Obama only for the ills of the country and did’nt quite realize that without that massive financial rescue package, the country would have been in a much worse predicament. I wonder what the Obama haters would’ve done if he would’ve stay put and didn’t pass the package and the economy would’ve collapsed? Probably the blaming game would have been complete chaos.

Many still don’t want to accept the fact that Obama received the worst economic crisis in American history from the previous administration,and that in spite of well meaning promises of the President to rescue the economy in such a short time technically it’s almost impossible to do it without incurring in more debt.

Let’s face it,not even an economic wizard could have figured out a a solid way of recovering from such economical failure from Wall Street,and banks,and the automotive industry. And,to make matters worst,the tax-cuts that Bush passed before the end of his term,are not sustainable financial relief to millions of Americans,as those benefits will favor mainly the rich classes.

And moreover,the tax-cut,even if approved by Obama,will not prevent the GOP from outsourcing our much needed jobs! Now Republicans talk about creating jobs and not outsourcing them. Let’s see in the long run how true is that promise. No educated American will doubt that that tax-cut will mean borrowing money(more debt creation)from somewhere to pay for it. While,as cruel as it may sound,a moderate increase in taxes,mostly from the rich,will create more revenues to pay for any new expenses. These the principles of modern economics,there’s no magical wand that will stop the spending: judicial spending to create jobs and profits is the only solution. But, we will see what the future has in store for us.



Girls Gone Wild on College Campuses!


photo: courtesy of NY Daily News

American college women freshmen students have always have the bad reputation of been eager to hook-up for sex in their first year. All we need to remember is those wild Cancun,or Caribbean wild booze parties,where almost everything goes. These young women go on exploratory sexual vacations and become very willing participants on any exciting new ways to have sexual fun. It has become a ritual of passage to keep their diary pages filled with the many “conquests” they can boast during the college year.

According to the NY Daily News,many co-eds:”Forty percent reported hooking up during the first year of college, and less than one in five participants said that they hooked up each month. But 56 percent of the women said they had sex with a boyfriend or romantic partner during the year”.

A Brown University survey found that out of about 483 co-eds admitted to having hooked-up at least once during the first trimester,and a few more times(some many times!) with steady boyfriends during the full first year of college. Most of these young women admitted to be under the influence of alcohol,or a few other social drugs when they had sex. And many of them answered the survey willingly.
What the survey didn’t revealed is how many of these co-eds had unprotected sex,or if any unwanted pregnancies resulted from those sex encounters.
And,I wonder,how many Sexually transmitted Infections(STI) these girls were exposed to. I,also, wonder how many parents realize that their daughters,and sons, engage in risky sexual behavior every year in their colleges. While,nothing has changed since our own college days back in the 60s and 70s, where
even a few adventurous young female teachers participated in some sexual orgies fueled by booze, and other recreational drugs.
I recently bumped into one of these wild female teachers(Psychology 101),I’ll keep her identity private, and reminisce about those now embarrassing,but fun and wild,times we had. She even admitted she almost forgot (conveniently)about the time she even tried “double penetration”,and that maybe because it was rather “painful,but exciting”. She kind of scolded me for remembering those details. She’s now a respectable grandma and she better forget about those “irrational behaviors”. She told me to keep it a personal secret between us. i playfully mentioned the recent reports about such wild modern teachers as
the now infamous Debra Lafavre(for those who don’t know,Google it),who had orgies with her high school students. She blushed and said “today’s teachers are probably watching more porn” and “shame on them”.
So there you have it,I would like to invite college co-eds to share with me a little bit  of their most wild and crazy sexual experiences while in college. Maybe we can all learn that “hanky-panky” does happen in any college of the world.
Thanks all for reading this revealing Blog.

I Just launched Celeb Newspaper!

As if I didn’t have enough tasks already,I just added another one: Celeb Newspaper. But,before any of you readers wonder why I bother to get busier than I already am,I have to confess my love for journalism;in this case,online journalism.

I officially launched it last Monday,August 31,2009. I actually had this desire to launch my own newspaper online,or e-newspaper,since the days I used to experience the quiet,but satisfactory joy of seen my writing,or photos published. Since 1990,I have been struggling,as English had been my second language until recently,to get my writings and photos published,I didn’t care where. So I joined International Freelance Photographers Organization(IFPO)based in North Carolina,to try my luck both,as a photographer,and as a writer. My photos impressed Ms. Vonda Blackburn,the Editor of Today’s Photographer Magazine,And probably my humble writing in the letters to the editor that I submitted.

And that very first break,gave me the impetus that I needed to keep honing my photography and writing skills. My trusty Merriam Webster dictionary,and a pocket book The Elements of Style,by William Strunk and E.B.White,help me compose impressive pieces that seemed to influence newspaper editors in New York and CT  to keep feeding my dream to become a pro-journalist. I never studied journalism per se,but I took a few classes in English composition in High School and 2-year college.Therefore, I’m a basically self- taught journalist,but a graduated photographer.

The main goal for creating my own e-newspaper is to join the myriad environmentally conscious journalists and entrepreneurs actively contributing to save and preserve the natural resources that our current world depends on to survive. And my admiration for celebrities who contribute their part was another big factor. Since they are role models,relying on their social influence to motivate people to cooperate on this noble cause. I can look forward to grow my online publication to be a vehicle to allow celebrities to spread the improve the environment message  to the rest of the world.

Until next time,

Mauricio Jordan

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